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According to the US Forest Service, the Huron National Forest is part of the Huron-Manistee National Forests in northeastern Michigan. It is 450,336 acres. There are 14 developed campgrounds in the Forest and about 240 miles of trails for non-motor users. These trails range from the 220-mile Michigan Shore-to-Shore trail and the North Country Trail. Although the Huron National Forest has no formally designated canoe routes, a 23-mile segment of the Au Sable River was designated a Scenic River in 1984 and there are now several "rest stops" along the river with vaults and small campsites for canoeists. Bald eagles, ruffed grouse and Kirtland's warbler are among the bird species present in the Forest. This beach is sampled at two points: north and south.

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When the shore was high it was time to go but first I watched the sun set below but I know I'll come back again and do it all over again.

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