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Manitowaning Beach


Manitowaning beach is located in the community of Manitowaning, and Manitowaning Bay, for where the beach shares its name from. In Ojibway, Manitowaning means “Den of the Great Spirit”. The beach is a fairly large and busy beach. Large numbers of swimmers visit these waters every year in the summer time! It has picnic tables, volleyball nets, a dock for swimming, and a playground for visitors. A marina is not too far away as well for boaters. Large number of amenities such as shops, restaurants, and attractions are available since the beach is within walking distance from town. However, no washrooms or lifeguards are present on the beach.

Water Quality

Passes water quality tests 95%+ of the time.
Water quality information provided by Swim Guide with the support of RBC Royal Bank.

Current Weather

11° degrees celsius.
Clear throughout the day.

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