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Camp at the top 3 provincial parks for beginners

Published March 27, 2019

So you’ve hiked along an epic trail and spent hours in a crystal clear lake cooling down. You’ve seen rugged landscapes and spectacular sunsets. Now what?

Now you settle down around the campfire for an evening of s'mores, songs, snuggles, and star-gazing. For beginner campers, the thought of living the rugged lifestyle and camping out for a weekend may seem intimidating. But fear not! Camping is easier than you think.

    Try camping at one of our top three Great Lakes destinations for beginners:


Pinery Provincial Park

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Park highlights: Pinery Provincial Park is ideal for beginner campers. There are cabin and yurt rentals available so that you can enjoy the experience of escaping into nature, without the stress of buying and setting up your own camping gear. The park is full of iconic sand dunes, stretching along its extensive and diverse beaches. There are great hiking and cycling trails, along with bike, canoe, kayak, and hydro bike rentals. There is no shortage of fun and adventure at the Pinery!


Bon Echo Provincial Park

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Park highlights: Bon Echo Provincial Park is the perfect destination for campers of all experience levels. The park is also steeped in history, including Mazinaw Rock — a large rock formation covered in hundreds of First Nations pictographs — and an 1870s log cabin that you can rent. There are extensive hiking trails, including some with overnight hiking meaning you can camp along the trail! Bon Echo also offers boat tours, sandy beaches for swimming, and many other attractions that make this the perfect camping getaway.


Sleeping Giant Provincial Park

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Park highlights: Sleeping Giant Provincial Park is an absolute must-see, with its gorgeous views of Lake Superior and the impressive and imposing Sleeping Giant Rock. There are hundreds of kilometres of cycling and hiking trails to explore. Or, you can explore by water — the park offers canoe and kayak rentals so you can try out these popular sports without needing to buy your own equipment!

So, were we able to help you decide where to go camping? The hardest part is done! Now is the fun part: deciding what to pack.

What are you waiting for!? Go camping!