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You will feel like you have stepped into a fairy tale at Ball’s Falls Conservation Area. Located within the picturesque Twenty Valley, this area is home to spectacular scenery. Take a stroll along the Cataract Trail on the banks of Twenty Mile Creek and stop to watch as it plunges over the upper and lower falls. The trails also provide easy access to the famous Bruce Trail. This conservation area’s mid-19th century industrial atmosphere has been well-maintained, with historic buildings scattered throughout the area. Be sure to explore the Ball family home, the old church, an operational flour mill, lime kiln, blacksmith shop, carriage shed, and more! This charming region has also become a popular event and wedding destination, and host to the annual Thanksgiving Festival featuring local artisans. And finally, a visit here is not complete without exploring the Ball’s Falls Centre for Conservation — an award-winning LEED Gold certified facility with galleries, interactive exhibits, and educational displays about the area’s rich natural and cultural history.


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As a young kid that fascinated me that my dad used to be able to go fishing and camping along Black Creek in Toronto. That kind of set me on a whole career of wanting to improve water quality and I am so proud of what the City of Toronto has done to restore fish habitat and they have a vibrant fishery along the shoreline.

Black Creek, ON
Michael Goffin