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Crawford Lake Conservation area is a gorgeous destination that is sure to bring you closer to nature and to local history. The conservation area surrounds Crawford Lake — a small, but deep meromictic lake (a lake that is deeper than its surfaces area). The depths of Crawford Lake have revealed parts of local history, such as ancient agricultural remains. The lake is surrounded by beautiful birds and wildflowers, including Ontario’s provincial flower, the Trillium. Walk along the boardwalk and hike the 4.5 km Nassagewa Canyon Trail to be rewarded by the stunning views off of Rattlesnake Point. Along with these natural attractions, there are several events happening throughout the year. Visit the reconstructed 15th century Iroquoian village and learn about the history of local First Nations. Discover the region’s history, fire-making techniques, sweetwater preparation, and the importance of various vegetation. Visit in the winter for cross country skiing along Pine Ridge Trail and stop to taste the freshly-made maple syrup taffy. In the warmer months, join one of the many meditation hikes through the forests. No matter where your interests lie, Crawford Lake Conservation Area has something for everyone!


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3115 Conservation Rd, Milton, ON L9T 2X3

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