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Rattray Marsh Conservation Area


Rattray Marsh Conservation Area is a unique environmental gem near the booming city of Toronto. This park is home to the only remaining waterfront marsh between Burlington and Toronto, Ontario. The trails here are well-maintained and include the Lake Ontario Waterfront Trail. Walking trails and raised boardwalks will bring you closer to the marsh and wildlife that lives within the region. Visitors can wander the trails on their own, or participate in one of the park’s guided nature tours. Learn more about the variety of bird species that live in the park, including Wood Warblers, Eastern Kingbirds, and Spotted Sandpipers. Keep your eyes peeled for beavers, foxes, deer, and the many reptiles and amphibians that live in the Rattray Marsh.


Lake Ontario


Treaty 13A, 1805




660 Bexhill Rd, Mississauga, ON L5H 3L1

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