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Established in 1987 as Canada’s first national marine park, Fathom Five National Marine Park is a must-see. You will be treated to views of the clear, blue waters of Lake Huron, punctuated by unique ancient rock formations. The surrounding area is made up of cliffs of dolomite rocks (harder than limestone) which were originally coral reefs over 400 years ago. As the ocean receded, this land was transformed into this hard rock and was covered in thick forests and other wildlife. Explore this unique cliff-edge ecosystem as you hike the many trails that wind their way around the park. Here you will also spot elusive orchids — flowers normally reserved for tropical destinations.

During your visit, make sure you take a trip out to Flowerpot Island. Here you will find 60-foot tall “flowerpot”-like natural rock pillars, an old lighthouse, and plenty of caves to explore. Go scuba diving, snorkelling, or take a boat trip around the 22 shipwreck sites! You can even canoe or kayak over the ancient sunken ships with water so clear you can see all the way down. Tour boats from the nearby town of Tobermory can take you to Flowerpot island, many of which have glass-bottoms so you can experience first-hand the history that lies beneath you.


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