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Nestled among bright turquoise waters and towering cliffs is Bruce Peninsula National Park. This park is home to part of the Bruce Trail, the longest and oldest hiking trail in Canada, stretching over 890 km in length. As part of the Niagara Escarpment, hiking along the trails here will reward you with breathtaking, unmatched views and a great challenge. Throughout your hike you will pass through ancient cedar forests that are home to the rare and endangered Massasauga rattlesnake, along with amphibians, black bears, hares, foxes, porcupines, deer, and a multitude of other creatures. Keep your eyes peeled the 40 different species of orchids! These gorgeous flowers are normally reserved for warm, tropical climates but they have found a home in Bruce Peninsula National Park. This park is a popular spot for bouldering (outdoor rock climbing) along the rugged limestone outcrops as well as exploring the many underwater shipwrecks within Georgian Bay. Walk to the Grotto along the iconic Bruce trail for a swim in waters so blue, you will think you're in the caribbean. Singing Sands beach is also ideal for swimming, with its warm, shallow waters. It's no wonder why Bruce Peninsula National Park is one of the region's most popular attractions.


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I sat on the beach blanket in the sand alongside my family. I listened to the lake’s waves crashing into the shore and looked on the water, expecting to see the sky reflected in the blue water.

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