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Just steps away from bustling urban cities, you will find Felker’s Falls Conservation area. Home to a stunning 20 m high ribbon waterfall and scenic lookout, this 183 acre spot is a must-see. The Peter Street Trail is a wheelchair accessible loop that winds its way through broadleaf forests along the Niagara Escarpment. The trail’s lookout point offers up breathtaking views of the nearby creek and the beautiful Lake Ontario. The thick forests here are composed mainly of beech, maple, and oak trees. Along with the dense flora, many animal species reside within Felker’s Falls Conservation Area, including three rare snake species — the Red-bellied Ringneck, the Northern Ringneck, and the Eastern Smooth Green Snake. Felker’s Falls is the perfect destination for an afternoon walk in the woods, and it even connects to two other conservation areas: The popular Devil’s Punch Bowl and King Forest Park.


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Watching the swans, Canadian geese, and ducks swim through the water was a reminder that there is more to the world and life than school and stress.

Cootes Paradise, ON - Naomi Pullen