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Goodrich-Loomis Conservation Area


Goodrich-Loomis is a 441 acre conservation area nestled among the rolling hills of Ontario’s Northumberland County. The region is surrounded by fantastic scenery year-round, with plenty of opportunities to soak in the panoramic views along the park’s well-maintained trails. These trials will lead you through a spruce tree plantation, coniferous forest, and wildflower grassland. Make your way through the diverse wildlife and stop for a picnic on the banks of Cold Creek. Test out your mountain biking skills on the North View Trail in the summer, and come back in the winter for some unforgettable cross-country skiing. Keep your eyes peeled for the park’s established Bluebird population along the way!


Lake Ontario

Traditional Territories



Williams (1923)


1331 Pinewood School Rd, Castleton, ON K0K 1M0

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