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Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park


If you want to see a stunning cascading waterfall that rivals that of Niagara, Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park is the place to go. Flowing from the Kaministiquia River, these falls stand 40 metres tall and are the second highest in Ontario, hence its nickname, “Niagara of the North”. The name "Kakabeka", meaning “waterfall over a cliff”, comes from the Ojibwe word gakaabikaa. The Kakabeka Falls form part of an Ojibwa legend called Princess of the Mist. Legend has it that the Princess Green Mantle saved her village, sacrificing herself by leading the enemies over the waterfalls. It is said that, to this day, if you walk along the river bank to the falls, the courageous figure of Green Mantle can be seen in the mist. In addition to the spectacular water show, this park protects sites of geological, cultural, and natural importance. The rocks at the base of the waterfall and along the gorge contain some of the oldest fossils in existence; dating back to 1.6 billion years ago! The base of the waterfall is a critical spawning place to the for the at-risk Lake Sturgeon, Canada’s largest freshwater fish. Whether exploring the park on foot, or by cross-country skiing, you will get a bird's-eye view from the boardwalk that wraps around the top of the falls; an ideal place to rest and take some amazing photographs.


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P.O. Box 252, Kakabeka Falls, ON, P0T 1W0

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