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    Limehouse Conservation Area
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Surround yourself in the magic of Ontario’s natural and cultural history at Limehouse Conservation Area. This vast 190 acre park is located in Halton Hills, Ontario, and hosts a variety of unique features just waiting to be explored! Hike or cycle through the spectacular array of landscapes — through meadows, over hills, and amidst one of the last old growth forests in the province. See the many unique natural features, including the “Hole in the Wall”. Much more exciting than it sounds, the “Hole in the Wall” is a fascinating natural glacial fissure within the escarpment rock. The park, as its name suggests, is also home to the remains of an old 1800s lime industry, complete with an old powerhouse and massive lime kilns. Head out to Limehouse Conservation Area to experience the wonder for yourself!


12169 5th Line, Limehouse, ON L0P 1H0

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