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Maidstone Conservation Area


Maidstone Conservation Area is a 50 acre site located near Lakeshore, Ontario. Home to a 1.5 km trail that winds its way through an oak and hickory woodland, it is an ideal hiking and cycling getaway. The trail is well-maintained and contains a boardwalk, making it easy and accessible. Along the way, you will pass by the Puce River where you can stop for an afternoon picnic by the water. Within the Carolinian forest, you might pass an Indian Signal Tree — a bent white oak tree through to have been formed by First Nations peoples as signals or markers. These trees were formed by tying down growing branches, guiding those who travelled through the area in the 16 and 1700s. These trees can be found scattered throughout the region, with notable trees in Akron, Ohio and the oldest signal tree (at 800 years old) in North Carolina.

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Lake Erie


Treaty 2, 1790



Lakeshore Rd 209, Maidstone, ON N0R 1K0

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