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Mono Cliffs Provincial Park


Located on the Niagara Escarpment, Mono Cliffs Provincial Park contains a series of majestic rock faces, canyons, crags, trails, and viewpoints right near the City of Toronto. This park is a natural gem in Southern Ontario, with vistas on the edges of cliffs offering a panoramic view of the famous escarpment. As you travel downwards from these highpoints along the stairs of the Spillway trail, you will enter a canyon, passing between 30m high cliffs. Both sites are photo-worthy, so make sure to bring your camera! These amazing geological features create unique ecological sites within the park. The area contains an assortment of ferns, and some of the oldest, intact old-growth white cedar forests in eastern North America. Mono Cliffs Provincial Park is home to epic views, magical scenery, and unique ecology that will have you returning time, and time again. You can also enjoy winter activities in this park. Please contact the park for more details.


Lake Huron


Treaty 18, 1818


795122 3rd Line, Orangeville, ON, L9V 2Y8

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