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    Mosa Forest Conservation Area
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Mosa Forest Conservation area is a key biodiversity area within the Great Lakes, filled with plenty of rare and diverse wildlife. The conservation area is more commonly known (most unfortunately) as Skunk's Misery. We know… sounds appealing, right? But don’t let the nickname fool you! Skunk’s Misery is one of the biggest and most beautiful forested sites in Southwestern Ontario. The conservation area spans an impressive 1,230 densely-forested acres. Trails wind their way through old-growth hardwood forests and swamp habitat. Mosa Forest is an ideal hiking and cycling destination in the warmer months, and transforms into the perfect snowshoeing and crosscountry skiing destination in the winter. This is a significant and sensitive woodlot, so stay on the trails and bring your camera to help keep it protected and capture its natural beauty!


Southwest Middlesex, ON N0L 1Z0

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