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Solace Provincial Park


Solace Provincial Park may be one of the most isolated, wild places in Ontario. It can only be accessed by float plane, or through backcountry canoeing routes from Lady-Evelyn-Smoothwater and Sturgeon River Provincial Parks. The park is situated in the heart of the Temagami highlands, and helps protect a region of weathered highland watersheds, covered by a mix Great Lake and Boreal forest types. The park is made up of a chain of narrow, finger-like lakes, each separated by forested, rocky ridges. You can access each lake by short, rugged portage routes for an exquisite flatwater canoeing experience. The opportunities for some of the most secluded and scenic backcountry canoeing are nearly endless in the Temagami highlands. You will paddle by forested shorelines dominated by jack pine, on lakes filled with brook trout. Make sure to bring along a fishing rod and a waterproof camera to capture the glory of this wild Provincial Park. You can also enjoy winter activities in this park. Please contact the park for more details.


Lake Huron

Traditional Territories



24 Finlayson Park Road, Temagami, ON, P0H 2H0

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