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    Lady Evelyn-smoothwater Provincial Park
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This park is located in the heart of the Temagami region, amidst a 2400km long, interconnected paddling system. This system is thousands of years old and surrounded by a beautiful, rugged landscape. The area is dotted with clear lakes and is divided by rushing rivers. The most popular activity is backcountry paddling to secluded campsites, spending weekends exploring the pristine lakes and forests. Though the nights might get chilly, the new dawn illuminates the grandeur of this old growth forest with its towering pines. The Temagami’s legendary Red and White pine old growth forests are some of the largest remaining in the world, giving the area global significance. These forests surround the heart of the park, the Lady Evelyn River, which has several waterfalls along its course. You can also find one of the highest points in Ontario in this park: the Ishpatina Ridge. This ridge, which looks out over the vastness of the Canadian Shield, can be accessed by a multi-day canoe trip up the Montreal River, or on foot via a series of logging roads. For a truly wild experience, make your way to this park and spend a few days floating along its rivers and hiking through the old growth ecosystems!


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24 Finlayson Park Road, Temagami, ON, P0H 2H0

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We went paddling in Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater Park for our honeymoon! We landed on Katherine Lake for a 185km, 10 day VERY memorable canoe trip across lakes, pons, rivers.

Katherine Lake, ON
Petra Chatfield
Lady Evelyn-smoothwater Provincial Park