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Springwater Provincial Park


This lovely little day-use park has many outdoor activities all year-round, so you can experience nature during all four seasons. In the summer, the walking-trails take you through a variety of forests, like intriguing and ominous cedar swamps and old pine plantations. The trails are 12km long, and in the winter, turn into great cross-country skiing routes! Springwater Provincial Park is located in the traditional territory of the Beausoleil First Nation, who manage the park to provide visitors a great outdoor experience. It is also a place to learn of the ways of Beausoleil First Nations people and marks a meaningful partnership between the Ontario government and this First Nation. The park is a natural treasure and attracts people from near and far to witness the beauty of its landscapes.

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Lake Huron

Traditional Territories



Treaty 16, 1815


1331 Route 26, Midhurst, ON, L0L 1X0

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