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King’s Mill Park is part of a chain of parks connected by biking and walking trails that run from Lake Ontario to Toronto’s northwest border. It is just south of Old Mill subway station on the banks of the Humber River and easily accessible from anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area.

The park and trail system in this area is a sign of a growing respect for the Humber River and its natural ecology. Just one generation ago (in the 1940s and 1950s) King’s Mill “Park” was an active dump site. Contaminants like PCBs, PAHs and ammonia leaked from the landfill into the Humber River. When Lake Ontario Waterkeeper sampled the landfill leaks in 2001, the nonprofit organization discovered that pollution at the site was toxic to fish. The City of Toronto responded to Waterkeeper’s investigation by re-engineering the landfill to stop the pollution. Today, King’s Mill Park is an important slice of nature sitting in the west end of Toronto.

One of the most noteworthy features of the park is the Humber River marina. This is a unique powerboat marina in the heart of residential Toronto, far from the open lake. There is also an easy to access boat launch used by kayakers and canoers to access the Humber River.

From King’s Mill Park, you can explore kilometers of trails in any direction. Enjoy a walk or bike ride by the river, bring a picnic, rent a canoe or kayak, or watch the salmon run in the fall. This location is perfect for getting away from the city noise for an afternoon to relax in nature.

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I wish to see Grenadier Pond protected, so that kids, adults and the elderly will be able to enjoy a great fishery that's readily accessible for many generations to come.

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