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Go on an adventure and discover new places. Hiking is a simple way to reconnect with nature and the Great Lakes region.

The Great Lakes are so large, their shoreline is almost half the circumference of the Earth. That's a lot of trail to hike!

Hiking the Great Lakes region will transport you to some of the most breathtaking views the lakes have to offer, like the mighty waves of Lake Superior crashing against the rocks below. There are a wide variety of environments in the area, from marshes to old-growth forests, from meadows to rocky outcrops. Many of the parks surrounding the lakes contain outlook spots that provide breathtaking views. There are seemingly endless trails winding their way through the region, ranging from easy to advanced.

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Pinery Provincial Park

The Pinery Provincial Park protects and extraordinary amount of wildlife. Located...

White Lake Provincial Park

White Lake is nearly 20km long, making it one of the largest lakes on the Lake...

Bruce Peninsula National Park

Nestled among bright turquoise waters and towering cliffs is Bruce Peninsula...

Killarney Provincial Park

With the white quartzite ridges of the La Cloche Mountains’, the pink granite...

Whether you are looking for a fun family vacation by the beach or an adventurous portage through back-country, the Great Lakes offer something for everyone.

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